Friday, 9 September 2011

Why i choose to shoot in RAW over JPEG in my dslr photography

I think shooting from raw is the best option for creative photography - any work you do on your pictures from the pc via post editing software, will destroy some elements of data from your image, as it needs to compress the files to work on them.

Shooting in RAW allows you to change practically any setting you want (exposure/white balance/ Brightness /contrast) without loosing detail or quality on your shots - it really is simple and you probably wont ever want to shoot in jpeg format again for the images that matter- download a free trial of photoshop or other post edit software to see how easy it is :):)

here is a link explaining a little more about the advantages of raw

Have a go for yourself, the possibilities are great, I usually set my camera for RAW and JPEG so I have a choice of which to use :)


  1. Hey,

    I had to come by and check out your Blog...really love your smoke series!! Just a quick PS...when shooting RAW be prepared as it does take up ALOT of space!!

  2. Thank you so much for checking out my blog and pictures - really appreciate your comment - yes I have noticed that the files are BIG for raw - am definitely going to have to have a tidy up of my pc folders :) - thanks again take care :)