Thursday, 24 November 2011

High Speed photography

Ive always wanted to try and capture High Speed shots with my dslr and speedlight however I realised I would need to purchase some kind of trigger to get the flash to work at the exact time that I wanted - below is a short guide for what equipment I used in this experiment which I had fun taking :

High speed images shot using a HSF-ST sound trigger with a delay function attached to:

1x speedlight set to manual 2nd lowest power (2/7th)
Camera - Nikon d90
Lens - Tamron 90mm

Camera settings
5 second shutter speed
200 iso

speedlight 30cm bottom left of shot
silver reflector diagonally opposite speedlight

I used a 1.77 metal pellet fired from an air pistol to hit the fruit from a distance of around  1ft away

I have realised I needed another flash or 2 after taking these shots but it was still lots of fun experimenting :-)

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