Saturday, 23 July 2011

Oil and Water macro photography - How to tutorial

Funky fluid disco lights ☺☻☺
 An LED glowsticks colors captured through oil and water

You can make some really interesting images from oil and water, please click here  to check out my Flickr 'Oil & Water set.

'crop' and 'auto tone' are the 2 bits of post edit processing. 

Basic equipment needed.

Camera - Dslr
Off camera flash / strobe

Also needed
  • Large glass bowl 
  • olive oil - few drops
  • water - enough to fill the bowl 
  • colourful background object
Camera settings

1/200 shutter speed
wb sunlight
ISO 100

  1. Rest the large glass bowl between the seats of 2 wooden chairs -or any other flat surface with a gap.

  2. Fill the bowl half way with water, add a few drops of oil, stir a little then wait to settle.

  3. Place a colourful object / objects under the bowl - (approx 12" below the glass bowl)

  4. Focus on the surface of the water not the objects underneath, then bounce flash onto object underneath bowl.

Jamaican flag in abstract colors
A Jamaican flag bracelet captured through Oil & Water

Flowers and Butterflies 
Flowers and butterflies pencil case captured through Oil & Water

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