Sunday, 17 July 2011

Welcome to my blog page

Thanks for checking my blog out ☺☻☺

As this is my first blog im going to try and give a brief introduction about myself.

I'm a female photography hobbyist from the UK, who is having great fun experimenting in the digital world of images. 

I got my 1st dslr a Nikon D5000, 7 months ago and am loving my new found hobby of photography  - I will post updates on the pictures I have taken and advice on how I captured the images to help other people like me, who have just started taking pictures and are on a tight budget.

I have created this blog to post 'how to guides' about digital photography with a dslr camera.

I am by no means an expert on any aspect of photography, just a keen learner who wants to share my experiences of photography. 

My current camera kit comprises of the following

1x Nikon d5000
1x Nikon 18-55mm kit lens
1x Nikon 55-200mm kit lens
1x Tamron 90mm 2.8 macro portrait lens
1x Off camera flash (yongnuo) set to manual
1x shutter release cable
3x wireless remote triggers

The picture above is called Glowing glass amber orb, you can see the pic on my flickr account by clicking here flickr

This is a shot taken of a small marble placed on black gloss cardboard, with my Tamron 90mm lens set to 1:1 macro and 1 x off camera flash (1/200 maximum flash sync.

the following manual camera settings were used:

F20 aperture
1/125 Shutter speed
200  iso  
Auto white balance

  1. I had my off-camera flash set to manual and dialed down to lowest power
  2. I attached a wireless remote trigger to the top of my camera and the shutter release cable to the camera from the trigger
  3. I attach  a wireless remote trigger to the flash unit and positioned it above the marble
  4. I then pressed one of the other remote triggers to activate the shutter release and take the picture.

I tried positioning the flash which I handheld, onto the marble from different directions. 

The shot from above had the flash about 5cm from the marble and slightly to the rear - which enabled the the light from the flash to cast a reflection through the marble. 

I composed the picture so the top portion of the marble has been cut off so you dont see the flash gun itself. 

Take care and thanks for reading first ever blog - I hope it was ok for a novice.

Feel free to ask any questions ☺☻☺


  1. Really good tutorial helped loads! :)

  2. Thought this was goin to be a hard process but you have made this seem really simple! Seen your flicr page from the link the pictures are amazin! Goin to try this at home! Paul

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